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Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City is a theme park based on the gold fields and their history. It includes an open-air museum with many historic buildings of a 19th century mining town. Obviously there are also a lot of rides, restaurants, and even some casinos.

Gold Reef City is built on the grounds of the original Crown Mines. The buildings and part of the mine, mine shaft no 14 is included into the theme park. Actually it was the 13th shaft but they skipped this number due to superstition. Visitors are equipped with a helmet and a miners lamp with its big battery pack. Then the tour goes down the shaft with a cage, a mine elevator, to the 220 meters level. This is the top level of the mine, which once reached a depth of 3,293m.

The Crown Mines are among the earliest and most important mining works along the Main Gold Reef of Johannesburg.

The Tour at a Glance