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Named after the Namib desert, Namibia is essentially a desert, with huge dunes and a Ghost town near Luderitz. Even so, Namibia is a wildlife and wilderness sanctuary; oryx, elephants rhino and giraffe roam the country's game reserves, and the undulating dunes. The Namib Desert is a vast landscape of dunes and desolate plains with an unending sense of openness, east to west, north to south. Thorn bush savannahs and rugged mountains of the central plateau give way to the very wet Fish River Canyon on the southern border with south Africa.

In the north, bordering on Angola, the landscapes range from the dense bush to the open plains of the Etosha Pan. The Etosha National Park, the third largest in Africa, owes its unique landscape to the Etosha Pan, a vast shallow depression edged by waterholes to the south that guarantee the animals water in the dry months, providing the best opportunity to view them.

On the west coast, the harbour town of Walvis Bay and the inland capital city of Windhoek, show the colonial German influences of the past.

Namibia at a Glance